Last year, at the end of August, it was when Covid has finally slowed down in my city. Everyone was excited yet worried about going outside again, myself included, and during the quarantine, I’ve gotten really out of shape.

It was time to start training and improving my health. Yet I wasn’t sure what sport can I pick up since almost everything was still closed. In a mildly desperate situation, I started to do something that I hated for quite some time. I began to run.

It wasn’t long since I began understanding how out of shape I was. Barely running one mile and already exhausted and tired. I kept going after quite a lot of sessions I finally started to understand running. You know, there’s something called a runner’s high, but I never understood it since I was struggling all the time.

Until one day, a day after a typhoon had struck my city. I went to nature for a lovely run. Tree branches were scattered on the ground, leaves falling gently while the sky was hazy. It felt like running inside a dream. I ran like every other session, but this one was the start of something special.

After around 900m, I got hit by a wind blowing towards me, powerful enough to make me shiver, but not enough to make me stop, so I continued without many thoughts until a song started playing. It’s called North by Sleeping At Last. It gave me a feeling of adrenaline pumping inside me like I never experienced before.

I kept running and during which I started to sing out loud, luckily there was no one near me, but it was the moment that I felted runner’s high. I began running effortlessly and didn’t want to stop.

My muscles didn’t feel tired, and the breathing, even though I was singing, I wasn’t out of breath.

When I finally reached the end, it felt like a dream. I couldn’t grasp what had just happened, so I just smiled and enjoyed the moment.